HOA/Condo Association Management

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  • >With 40 years of experience
  • >Administrative support
  • >Liaison between homeowners and board members
  • >Maintenance services
  • >Monthly financial reporting
  • >Secure insurance and administer claims

The Kirkpatrick Management Association Division is an aggressive, performance-driven department that focuses on providing the highest level of service to our customers and residents through developed assessment programs. We provide quality service and unparalleled management with extensive training, technology and dedication to our boards and the residents we serve.

Kirkpatrick Management Company's solution process includes providing a specialist for every community we manage prior to our first evaluation. We visit each property and decipher their individual needs. We then provide a dedicated team of highly trained executives and support staff to reach the goals of both the boards we serve and residents in the neighborhoods.

With offices and customers throughout the Midwest including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio, KMC has the experience to provide your board and neighborhood the solutions you deserve. Whether your property requires Full Service Management, Financial Management only or even our Experienced Consultant Service, Kirkpatrick Management has the perfect solution to meet all your needs.